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Open your oysters up easily and simply, without jabbing your hand! The Breton Oyster Clamp is an old design from Brittany, France, that oyster lovers at ZU, and subsequently Hillbrush, improved and developed over long sea food lunches and a lot of Muscadet. By resting the oyster in the clamp on a straight table edge, you can use the quality Sabatier knife to open the oyster up at the hinge without holding it at all, all the while pushing the knife blade away from you and your hand. The sturdy hard wood clamp measures approximately 5” x 3” x 2 ¼”, and each one comes in its own presentation box, approximately 7” x 5” x 2 ¼”, complete with instructions.   The Oyster1 comes with the Sabatier knife as standard, but if you prefer not to have the knife included, please do ask.

Hillbrush - Oyster Clamp and Knife Set

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