Our family business got started keeping small offices in our hometown clean. Office cleaning remains one of our favorite and most efficient cleaning services. Whether you need weekly cleaning or daily janitorial and building maintenance, our family is here to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can custom tailor our services to keep your office spaces clean, dust and allergen free. And, yes, we are happy to do carpets and windows!


While we specialize in building maintenance and janitorial services, we are happy to take on one-time cleaning jobs for your business location. Whether it's a move in cleaning, accident clean-up, or other one time job that you need, our company is happy to help. We are hazardous waste and waste chemical certified, and green cleaning options are also available if desired. Contact us today for more details.


Whatever the size of your premises our team are on hand to offer a bespoke cleaning service that will fully meet your needs. With a strong background in commercial cleaning we know that each client expects the best from us and continually strive to reach the highest standards. With a range of clients, in various industries, we know what it takes when it comes to commercial cleaning. With consistently high feedback from businesses that we currently clean for, you can be assured that we are up to the job.


When you think about how much traffic goes over your floors every day you will see how vital it is that they are kept clean. Many of us try to clean our floors ourselves, but unless we have the correct products this may not be effective. Our team can provide the service you need with cleaning products that will leave your floors spotless and free of bacteria. This is important no matter whether you are using our service in your home or in a commercial environment, so if you would like to see how we can help you, get in contact as soon as you can.


Construction sites are notorious for creating giant messes. Cleanup of all the dust and grime can seem daunting. You can count on us to step in with expert cleaning of your home or business location post-construction. Our services include full interior clean up to remove dust and grime, outdoor cleanup, and thorough metal detection services to catch stray nails. Contact us for more details.


If appearances mean everything, then how your windows look count for a lot, especially if you own a business. We are a bonded and insured company who takes your safety seriously. Our professional technicians will use efficient and effective methods to clean your ground level windows inside and out. We wipe up the smudges from fingerprints, dirt, and debris and leave your windows in pristine shape so that you and your guests can enjoy clean windows. Maintenance plans are available, or we're happy to handle yearly or one-time only jobs. From office buildings to shopping plazas, we handle all aspects of window cleaning. So if you need clean interior first level windows, then we’re the team to call.


Our homes should always be clean and tidy, and we will find that we are more able to relax when this is the case. However, with our lives being busier than ever we may not have the time to do the cleaning ourselves, and for that reason our residential cleaning service is perfect for you. We can undertake a huge variety of tasks meaning that your home will be spotless, and you will have plenty of spare time to do whatever you enjoy. This could take a huge weight off your shoulders, so contact us to see what we could do to help.


If you are running a medical facility you will know just how important it is to make sure it is spotlessly clean at all times, as it can be dangerous when this is not the case. It can be hard to deal with this along with the running of the facility, so why not have our team deal with your cleaning needs? We have the experience, equipment and machines to do a great job every time, and this means you can be sure that your facility will be fit for purpose. We can really transform the way you work so contact us today.


If the carpeting in your home or office needs professional level cleaning, but you don't like the idea of harmful chemicals being used to do the job, call on us! Our Earth friendly company does professional carpet cleaning for residences and business locations using our proven green cleaning products and methods. We’ll get your wall-to-wall carpeting beautiful and removed of dirt, debris, and allergens, all without the use of harsh chemicals.


Our sustainable cleaning methods include clean-up after parties, weddings, conferences, and other events. We’ll come to your site to expertly handle tasks like trash removal, disinfection, clean-up, linen laundering, and room reset. Residential sites, office locations, conference centers, and non-standard locations can all be accommodated. We customize our services to ensure your complete satisfaction. From small weddings to multi-day conferences, count on us for your post-event clean-up needs, done the green way.


Once friends, family, and clients enter your home and business what will they see? Will they see a comfortable warm and welcoming space, or will their noses turn up at mess and clutter and awful smells? If you don't want your visitors to have a negative experience, then why not call on our team of trained janitors to handle your interior cleaning project. We offer a variety of services to include trash pickup & removal, sweeping, window washing, and organizing and with our help your visitors will experience comfort. Why settle for anything less than the best for your visitors, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.